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Customer reviews:
Company GUARANTEED GOAD developed our corporate identity and website. We are very pleased with the work. When are looking for a developer, you do not know what will happen in a result. In this agency we liked their LIABILITY, individual approach and creativity in execution of the tasks. Indeed, we have received much more than expected. Our site is attractive to customers, clear and cheers up.
Ekaterina Sergeevna Savich,creative director «Bubbleslab»
Asked to the agency to develop a site of Lviv office of Korsa. Very satisfied with the result! We were pleasantly surprised by the professionalism of the whole team: rapidly agree of technical specifications and the same fast and efficient work. Get a functional and nice site that is very useful for us and customers.
Elena Nikolaevna Ostaschenko,director of "Korsa-Lviv"
Very pleased to be working with the studio. Guys not only make high quality sites, but they also help you learn to administer. Appealed to the studio a few times, they always did all tasks fast. It is really important for business.
Anastasiya Alexandrovna Kireeva,owner of wedding salon "Anastasia"
I booked website in this studio. Everything (from the design to the texts) they done fast and in compliance with all of my wishes. Have always given simple answers to complicated questions on the site, gave a good explanation. My site exists for three years, there is no any claims to the work. Next site will also order at GuGo.
Sergei Yaroslavovich Aksenov,private entrepreneur
Work on developing the site studio was held under such scheme. I completely trusted to agency GUARANTEED GOAD all the work. And I was right. During work there was no endless changes like " let’s do like that" or " let's change the font"… I just trusted my intuition and experience of professionals from GUARANTEED GOAD - and got an excellent result, which I like still. At least, for three years I have never wish to do redesign of my site. And this, I think, the best evaluation of the quality of the work.
Anton Yuryevich Parkhomenko,director of the photo studio «Belveder»
Cooperation of our company with the agency GUARANTEED GOAD continues about 3 years. We should note the constructive approach in business communication and efficiency all the tasks of creating and maintaining the site. We completely satisfied by the work and design of the site, which was created.
Anatoly Ivanovich Fedorov,managing director of «HotTravel»
When there was a task to create online-store for our company, selection was made from several studios. We chose GUARANTEED GOAD on the recommendation of our partners. The team of the agency are really professionals. Terms and technical requirements have been totally met . We liked the clarity of the explanations the specifics of our website. In spite the complexity of the technical part, at our request, much attention was given to the site-design.
Anton Albertovich Zelinsky,senior manager «NeoSoft»
We are very lucky to live in a really wonderful time
- the technological splash gave new opportunities and created a virtual
world where only the strongest can survive. But in this world is not
enough to be just a predator. It’s just necessary to be able to
provide the right stimulus, goad and push those thanks
to whom we can conquer new heights!
What we have done
Site of the «B2B Contract» ETP
«2B2 Contract» Electronic Trading Platform
«B2BContract» Electronic Trading Platform (ETP) - an automatic trading system. Trading is held in a real-time mode via Internet that gives the opportunity to get the necessary products or services at lowest prices. The open form of electronic trading provides the creation of a transparent and efficient competitive environment.

«B2BContract» ETP gives the opportunity to hold tenders, competitions and trading on product purchase, and the registered suppliers can submit their offers in electronic trading. The system provides an easy and understandable interface of a trading platform, rapid procurement placement and trading course transparency.

In 2013, we have developed the corporate logo and promotion website for «B2BContract» ETP. The website contains the basic information and system description, answers to frequently asked questions and forms for online applications.
Logo for the «B2B Contract» ETP
Logo for the «B2B Contract» ETP
Logo for the company «ITRaS»
Logo for the company «ITRaS»
The company «ITRaS» exists in Moscow since 2006. The company's name stands for It Rapid Solutions. The company provides IT-outsourcing, system administration, telecommunications and software solutions, as well as supplies of components for PCs and servers.

In 2012 «ITRaS» company leaders have put the task to us to redesign the company logo. The logo should be associated with the IT-services and high technologies. The color palette has to comply with the corporate style and using the shades of blue and green.
In the process of designing a logo, we have studied the current Russian IT-market services. Totally we made more than 40 variants of logo with different symbols and font solutions. The term of «ITRaS» company's logo development – one month.
Site of the company «CosmosFactory»
Company «CosmosFactory»
LLC «CosmosFactory» was founded in 2010. The company provides a wide range of services in IT- sector in Moscow and Moscow region. «CosmosFactory» implements projects in custom software development, provides recruitment and subsequent outstaffing IT-specialists, engaged auditing of existing IT-processes and procedures, develops and implements the necessary IT-policy.

In 2012, we have developed logo and corporate promo website for this company.
There are several meanings in the name of the company «CosmosFactory». Word «Cosmos» signifies that company is working with the modern innovative technologies that are developing rapidly and have many unknown components. Word «Factory» signifies a soft-factory, conveyor, adjusted operations, quality control, streamlined procedures, which means the possibility of quality execution large amount of work.

This symbolism exactly we tried to put in the company's logo. Strict, compact font emphasizes solidity and confidence, and many people associate a triangle form sign with the space rocket fly upward.
Company site is made by technology AJAX. All site-information is loaded dynamically depending on the chosen section in the main menu, and the site is fully optimized for search engines. The site contains brief information about the company, its services.
Logo for the company «CosmosFactory»
Logo for the company «CosmosFactory»
Site of the company «Skitt Premium»
Site of the company «Skitt Premium»
Company «Skitt Premium» works since 2005 on the market of tires for automotive vehicles. It occupies a leading position on assortment goods, quality of service and sales volume. LLC «Skitt Premium» is the official dealer of Mitas, TM Continental and TM Cultor. The company’s assortment includes over 1,000 different tires for road-building, lifting, agricultural and commercial vehicles, as well as specialized tires for motorcycles.

In 2012, we developed a new website for this company with the tabular catalog, which has the ability to filter tires for easier searching. There is also photo gallery with the pictures of past exhibitions and events in the world of motorsports on the site.
Site of the design- studio «Anko»
Site of the design-studio «Anko»
Design studio «Anko» was founded in 2009 by Anna Kapravo in Moscow. Studio offers services in architecture, engineering, furniture selection, professionally decoration, project maintenance and management.

The site for studio «Anko» was developed in 2011 in the style of European minimalism. Web- site includes photos of completed projects, and general information about the studio and its services.
Site of the company «ElectroMotor»
Site of the company «ElectroMotor»
КThe company «ElectroMotor» exists in Kiev since 2006. There are motors, gearboxes, pumps, generators, transformers, electric meters and more in the shopping assortment. «ElectroMotor» is the official representative of more than 20 production plants. After development of new site in 2009, the company has taken a leading position on the Ukrainian market of spares for specialized electrical engineering.

The site contains a massive catalog of products with more than 10 000 items. Whole site was divided graphically into 5 sections, each had its own design. As well for «ElectroMotor» we have developed five 3D animated characters for each of the sections on the site. Characters are robotized insects, which have electric motors as the main parts of the bodies.
Online-store «Anastasiya»
Online-store «Anastasiya»
Group companies «Anastasiya» – a federal wholesale and retail store chain of home textiles. The company exists since 1993 and is currently one of the biggest suppliers of fabrics and bedding. There are many pillows, blankets, mattresses, bedding, garments of calico and cotton, knitwear, different fabrics in assortment. For today more than 40 major suppliers and more than 800 regular customers cooperate with «Anastasiya».
Site of the company «StroyTechMontaj»
Site of the company «StroyTechMontazh»
The company "StroyTehMontazh" exists in Moscow since 2000. The company is currently engaged in the engineering, construction, installation, commissioning and maintenance of heating, electricity and gas systems, including boilers, mini-thermal power plants and heating stations.

The new site was designed for the company in 2011 by our agency. The site contains extensive information about the company's services, photo gallery of works, also we created page with online- fill out the questionnaire, designed file directory.

There are also access differentiation on the site: users can see price list for the services of the company and download documents only after registration. For the convenience communication of users and company managers we created a «Question-answer» and possibility for reservation a call back.
Corporate identity of company «ActivEast»
Corporate identity of company «ActivEast»
The company «ActivEast», founded in 2006, sells motorcycles and motorcycle equipment by world famous brands like Yamaha, Suzuki, Ducati, Kawasaki, Hyosung, Kymco. In 2008 our agency has been designed logo and corporate identity, series of billboards and design of corporate documentation.
In 2009 the company «ActivEast» started its own production of spare parts for motortechnique branded «777», corporate identity and packaging design for which was also developed by our agency.
Site of the company «Furniture Fabrics»
Site of the company «Furniture Fabrics»
Trade and commercial center «Furniture Fabrics» exists in Ukraine since 2000. The main business is the sale of high-quality fabrics, foam and accessories for upholstered furniture.

In 2010, we created a website for a company with a catalog of products. The site presented actual offers, huge range of products and general information about the company.
Corporate identity of company «ActivJeans»
Corporate identity of company «ActivJeans»
The company «ActivJeans» was founded in 2009, it’s a part of company «ActivEast». The main business is the sale of high-quality jeans clothes brands for people with an active lifestyle.

We have developed a logo, corporate identity, design, series of corporate documentation and gift certificates for the company «ActivJeans».
Site of the company «Кorsa-Lviv»
Site of the company «Кorsa-Lviv»
The company «Кorsa» exists since 1998 and it’s one of the most popular companies on the Ukrainian market of metal –plastic products. There are windows, doors, garage doors, roller shutters, blinds, plastic, metal and glass produced under the trademark «Кorsa». The monthly volume of constructs produced by the company - more than 50, 000 square meters. In 2007 the production and promotion of TM «Кorsa» passed to the holding UW (Switzerland).

In 2010 our agency has developed a website for official representative office of «Кorsa» in the western region of Ukraine. The site has been provided with detailed information about the company and its products.
Online-store «3dCarStickers»
Online-store «3dCarStickers»
The company «3dCarStickers» was founded in 2007. The principal activity - the production of high-quality 3D-stickers. The company has thousands of customers around the world, most of which are in the USA and Europe.

In 2011, we have developed online-store for the company «3dCarStickers» at CMS Shop-Script. During the first 2 years of existence because the online store the company has increased its income by 17 times.
Site of the photo studio «Belveder»
Site of the photo studio «Belveder»
Photostudio «Belveder» was founded in 2010 in Sevastopol (Ukraine). Studio exists not to increase their capital, but as a kind of creative experimentation. Main sections of studio website is a team blog, where regularly publishes new photo reports from various events and creative experiments of studio employees. Photos from the news reports in the blog studio, approved by management, various media publications borrow very often.
Tour operator website «Hot-Tours»
Tour operator website «Hot-Tours»
Tour operator «Hot-Tours» exists in Ukraine since 2007. The major activities of the company are the organization of group and individual tours in Ukraine and abroad, welcoming foreign tourists in Ukraine, assistance in obtaining documents, air tickets and insurance. Tour operator «Hot-Tours» has more than 200 partners in more than 40 countries.

For the tour operator «Hot-Tours» in 2010 we developed corporate website that provided detailed information on the proposed tours, especially trips to different countries and instructions for preparation of documents.
Wedding agency website «Karamel»
Wedding agency website «Karamel»
Wedding agency «Karamel» was founded in 2007 in Ukraine. The agency provides different services for organizing and management weddings and celebrations. The Agency includes salon of wedding fashion, specialized video studio and event-department provides a full range of celebrations services: rent luxury cars, booking photographers, videographers and leading events, exclusive gifts, fireworks, musicians and shows.

In 2010 for wedding agency «Karamel we developed » corporate site in a retro style with a detailed description of all the services provided by the agency. There are nonstandard layout of elements on the site, and the user can navigate through the visible area of the site with the effect of «Drag and Drop».
Logo of the chain restaurants «ANI»
Logo of the chain restaurants «ANI»
Online-store «MebelDam»
The company "MebelDam" - a furniture salon that exists in Ukraine since 2002. The company has its own showrooms, which represents the various furniture from overseas and domestic factories. In 2009, we developed for the company online store where users can purchase furniture kits, sets, home accessories and various furniture accessories.
Site of the company «LugEcoBud»
Site of the company «LugEcoBud»
The company «LugEkoBud» since 2004 in Lugansk (Ukraine) provides services for the construction of elite housing «turnkey». In 2009 we developed for the company website, which presented a list of services, photo gallery of works and general information about the company.
Site of the company «Luiz»
Site of the company «Luiz»
The company «Luiz» was registered in 2003 in Ukraine as a manufacturer corsetry and lingerie. Company’s products of is sold not only in Ukraine, Russia and other CIS countries. The quality of the lingerie certified by the relevant certificates, materials for it supplied from Germany, Poland, Latvia and Turkey. Over the years the company has won many contests and constantly reinforces its credibility with new awards and certificates.

In 2011 for «Luiz» we developed a website with the product catalog. This site was designed for distributors and future business partners. The main task – acquaintance partners with new company’s products and their characteristics.
Online-store «Ilya Muromec»
Online-store «Ilya Muromec»
Online store «Ilya Muromec» was created in 2010. The physical store is located in Kiev, but the goods are delivered throughout Ukraine. There is huge selection of toys, clothing, strollers and furniture in store’s assortment.
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What can we offer?
We are ready to realize project of

any complexity and direction

on the the large distances for

fair compensation
During the existence of the agency we have formed our own way of working. We do not take on the development a lot of projects at the same time and because of this we do our work with special scrupulosity.
The minimum budget for
in our agency is 2000 €.
Our advantages are:
We work precise and debugged for more than 6 years
We have an individual approach to each client
We are one of the first who introduced the new standard of layout
The websites of our clients are located on our own servers
We execute the adaptive layout of the website
We do cross-browser and maximum validly layout
our own servers in
the largest data
center in Germany

GUARANTEED GOAD interactive agency existence since 2007. The main goal of the agency - the success of our clients in the way of internet-media environment. To achieve this goal we use the modern technologies and innovative solutions.

Direction of our business – development of websites, web-applications, CRM and intracorporate systems. Our projects are created with attention to all details. We don’t work subjective, and all of the proposed solutions based and come from the ultimate goal of our client.

Clients of GUARANTEED GOAD are representatives of big and medium businesses. We work in close cooperation with the client. This approach gives the best results, which not just "client like this", and would be an effective business tool for him.

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